MILHAN MAKINA have designed a range of unwinding machines which allow you to recover the yarns from flat panels,
thus reducing your reject value and optimizing your yarn consumption.

The unwinding machines are offered in different configurations, from 4 heads to 12 heads.
The SM-01 panel to cone unwinding machines have 1 winding motor per head; winding speed is electronically controlled
All Milhan Makina machines observe the safety regulations of the European Community.
Milhan Makina has ISO 9001:2000 certification.
Sud Exports offer a full support for this equipment, from installation, repair and after sale service.





Bobbin Holder and winding unit


Bobbin density setting unit


Solid waxing motor,stamped tension and numbering machine adjusted mechanic knot gripper shearing system


Digital Speed Control Unit

Specifications – MILHAN MAKINA SM-01

Configuration Single sided
Winding Type Conical
Winding Length According to request 6″-8″-10″ inches
Winding Diameter Max 380mm
Winding Speed Max 900 m/min
Inverter (Speed Control) 1 for each spindle
Start/Stop 1 pressed switch control wire for each spindle
Package Stop 1 mechanical adjustment
Radial Anti Patterning Sys. Adjustable electronically
Yarn Tension 1 metal scale weight for each spindle
Bobin Density Mechanical weight for each spindle
Traverse Moving From belt pulley and motor tambour
Winding Traverse 85 diameter bakalite
Winding Motor One for each spindle 1400 cycle/min / 0.08Kw/380V/0.22A/50Hz
Waxing Device One for each spindle
Overhead Cleaner 1 numarated mechanical scissors for each spindle
Unwinding Fabric On creel of the machine
Layer Detach As much as machine the number of spindles of the machine
Yarn Break Preventer Adjustable electronical and switched arm for each layer
Overhead Cleaner PLC controlled