Sud Exports team is passionate about excellent service to the Southern African knitters

Sud Exports team is proud to offer a full professional service package to industrial knitters in Southern Africa.

Not only we supply you with the reliable equipments, we also give you a comprehensive after sales service.

Technical advice of Sud Exports

Technical advice:

Sud Exports listen carefully to your needs and we recommend the equipment & machinery best suited to satisfy your requirements.

We offer different options according to your budget.

Sud Exports also introduce you to equipments that will improve your factory productivity.

Delivery :

Sud Exports will arrange delivery of the machines / equipments from our principal overseas factories to your door.

All the packing, import, customs clearance, transport, unloading, rigging is arranged by
Sud Exports and its reputable partners

Sud Exports offers Free Shipping to his clients
technical support delivered by Sud Exports

After sale support:

Sud Exports technician will assist you with technical issues on new or old machines, whether they are under guarantee or not.

Sud Exports will first assist you by phone. If we cannot solve the problem by phone, our technician will come to assist you on site.


Sud Exports organize on-site training for your operators after installation of your machines/ equipments.
For existing customers requesting additional training, specific training programmes are offered after assessing your specific requirements.

Installation :

Sud Exports technician, with an extensive 25 year experience in the knitwear industry, is based in Johannesburg and is in charge of all installations for the machines/equipments supplied by Sud Exports.

Sud Exports technician will travel to your factory wherever you are in Southern Africa.


Sud Exports offer a large range of consumables for the machines/equipment you purchased from us.
For example we carry a large stock of flat bed knitting needles for all Kauo Heng users in Southern Africa.
Please check our list of needles .

Spare parts :

Sud Exports carry a large stock of spare parts in South Africa for the machines/equipment you bought from us. The spare parts are sent to you by courier services and are delivered to your door within 48 hours.

The majority of the parts required for standard maintenance are available at Sud Exports offices.