The KH-300HP is Kauo Heng most productive knitting machine for the production of jerseys.
The Kauo Heng KH-300HP features 2 single system carriages, the 2 carriages can run in tandem or combined.
Other features include  colour LCD touch screen, UPS function in CPU board, 3 rails 6 colors (option 4 rails, 8 colours)…. Three bed configurations are available (60”, 80” and 100”)  from 5 gauge to 16 gauge.



and sub roller take down system.

LCD display easy to read, knit design and programming are directly operated with keyboard.

Designed for high speed and easy replacement in the event of accidental damage, also equipped shock sensor stop motion device.




GAUGE 5G, 7G, 10G, 12G, 14G, 16G
KNITTING  WIDTH 60″ (152 cm) , 80″ (203 cm), 100″ (254 cm)
CAM  SYSTEM Two carriages, Single system.
Knitting system three-way technique and transfer with split stitch function.
KNITTING  SPEED Max. 1.2m/sec.

Knitting speed varies according to gauge, yarn and knitting condition.

YARN  CARRIERS 12 yarn carriers on 3 rails.
16 yarn carriers on 4 rails.(Option)
NEEDLE  SELECTION Full jacquard selection via special solenoids.
TRANSFER Simultaneous transfer, front or back, independent of carriage  direction.

Split knitting.

NEEDLE BED Replaceable segment needle bed.
SINKER SYSTEM Moveable sinker equipment.
STITCH  DENSITY 30 levels independent selection, electronic control with stepping motor.
RACKING Racked by servo motor and high precision ball screw system.

Racking 1/2 pitch also available from any position.

FABRIC  TAKE-DOWN Main roller / Sub roller :

32 levels changeable speed, automatically adjustable on each level.

STOP  MOTION Yarn break, knot, press off, needle break, shock, over torque, piece count,

over run, program error etc.

DRIVE AC servo motor, tooth shape driving belt, no oil needed.

Variably adjustable programming speed levels.

TOP  TENSIONS Electronic top tensions easy to thread the yarn through.
YARN FEED UNIT Auto. positive feeding device on each left and right side.
SAFETY  COVER Full safety cover for anti-noise and dust proofing.

Emergency stop buttons.

OPERATION  LAMP Green : normal operation.

Yellow : abnormal / manual stop.

FLUORESCENT  LAMP Inside of safety cover and fabric take-down.


DATA  INPUT USB flash disk.
OPERATION  &  DISPLAY LCD display screen, Chinese and English versions available.
PATTERN  MEMORY 1,024 wales x 4,096 courses.
POWER 3 phase AC 220V 50/60HZ.

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