Kauo Heng offer a large range of flat bed knitting machines for the production of trimmings (collars, cuffs…) and / or body panels for jerseys for school wear, corporate wear, security wear.
Several options are available :
– From 7 gauge to 18 gauge
– 1 or 2 carriages
– Knitting bed length from 40 inches to 120 inches
– With jacks or without jacks
– With or without transfer capability
– Specific equipment for lycra / elastane production
The Kauo Heng flat bed knitting machines for trimmings and body panels are highly productive, well designed and manufactured, user friendly and extremely reliable
Sud Exports offer a full support for these machines, from installation, training, repair and after sale service.

Kauo Heng KH-100

Computerized jacquard flat bed knitting machine (no transfer). This machine

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