KH 323-D

This is our best selling Kauo Heng flat bed knitting machine in South Africa, two single system carriages for production of trimmings and/ or jersey panels.
This knitting machine is offered in various bed length and gauges.
Sud Exports will train your operators on site for 5 days.
Sud Exports offer a full support for this machine, from installation, training, repair and after sale service.



Newly electronic top tension easy to thread the yarn through​.

Double system or tandem two single system with a variably adjustable stroke carriages.​

►Feeders made of special steel which prevents them from shaking during knitting.
►This eliminates yarn breakage.​
►They are also easy to thread the yarn through.

Computer control with LCD display, data direct input easy to key in programs, easy to operate, read and obtain information as to the performance of machine. LCD displays the number of pieces to be knitted and how many were already knitted. All the information is very clearly displayed on LCD panel.

Designed for high speed and easy replacement in the event of accidental damage. (Option)


GAUGE 7G, 10G, 12G, 14G, 16G, 18G, 20G, 22G
KNITTING WIDTH 60″ (26″x2), 80″ (36″x2), 100″ (46″x2)
CAM SYSTEM Double system or tandem 1+1 system.

Tuck on front bed & rear bed, high butt & low butt system.

Cams action system controlled with Stepping motor. (V2)

KNITTING SPEED Max. 1.2m/sec.

Knitting speed varies according to gauge, yarn and knitting condition.

YARN CARRIERS 12 yarn carriers on 3 rails.
NEEDLE BED Replaceable segment needle bed. (Option)
STITCH DENSITY Electronic control with stepping motor 00-99 levels.
RACKING 6 levels to left or to right.
FABRIC TAKE-DOWN Compound main roller, torque motor control, two separate speeds adjustable each.

Control with motor 00-99. (V2)

STOP MOTION Yarn break, knot, needle break, shock, fabric drop out, wraparound check, piece count, motor overload etc.
DRIVE Timing belt, no oil needed, programming speed.
TOP TENSIONS Electronic top tensions easy to thread the yarn through.
SAFETY COVER Full safety cover for anti-noise and dust proofing.
OPERATION LAMP Green : normal operation. (Running)

Yellow : abnormal / manual stop.

FLUORESCENT LAMP Inside of safety cover and fabric take-down.
POWER 220V, 1/2HP motor.
CONTROL SYSTEM Computer control LCD display.
USB USB equipment. (V2)
UPS UPS function with flash memory. (V2)
WOODEN CASE 2900 x 1100 x 1790 mm. N./G. Weight 550/700 kgs. (60″)

3480 x 1100 x 1790 mm. N./G. Weight 700/900 kgs. (80″)

4000 x 1120 x 1790 mm. N./G. Weight 1050/1500 kgs. (100″)

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