SUD EXPORTS represent Suedwolle Group – Safil in South Africa

Safil is a worsted spinning company founded in 1954 by Fernando Savio.

Suedwolle Group took over Safil in October 2015, the group has a capacity of 25,000 Tons / year.

Belonging to the same group, Bulsafil in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) produce annually 7,000 tons of worsted yarn where 630 qualified employees work in a plant of approximately 45,000 square meters.

Safil have a capacity of cone dyeing for about 3.000 tons per year.

The dye house is operated by a team of 45 skilled experts.

Safil new warehouse of 15,000 square meters a large range of yarn types can be supplied from stock.

On the administrative and commercial side of our business we have 30 employees offering best possible service to meet customers needs.

Safil and X-Compact Technology

Safil is the first spinning company that launches in the knitwear market X-Compact Technology.

This a new offer to satisfy customers who are looking for a new sophisticate aspect and wearing performances.

The peculiarity of compact yarns, compare to conventional ones, is:

better pilling, less hairness, even and clean aspect of the garment.

Especially, for fine counts, there is a significant difference, in term of appearance,between sweater knitted with compact and conventional yarn.

Compact technology gives a new interpretation of natural fibers.