Milhan Makina have designed a range of yarn twisting machines BM-01
– the twisting machines BM-01 come in a minimum configuration of 6 heads and then multiple of 6.
– the twisting machines BM-01 allow the preparation of special yarn (fancy yarn) with digital control of tension,twist number, yarn breakage, feeding speed…
– A bobbin creel can be supplied (optional) with each twisting machine BM-01

All Milhan Makina machines observe the safety regulations of the European Community.
Milhan Makina has ISO 9001:2000 certification.
Sud Exports offer a full support for this equipment, from installation, repair and after sale service.



Milhan Makina BM-01

Feeding range yarn traveler system

Milhan Makina BM-01

Numbering machine adjusted spring tension system

Milhan Makina BM-01

Feeding roller and gearbox range

Jack pulley, ring and spindle range

Creel range, metal stamped tension and sensor system

PLC display control unit

Specifications – MILHAN MAKINA BM-01
Configuration Single sided
Cone Exit 6″-8″-10″ inches conical cone
Winding Type Conical and parallel
Raising Drum Speed Max. 675 m/min.
Feeding Drum speed Max 190 m/min
Traverse Winding Speed Max 175 m/min.
Yarn Feeler 1 mechanical switch system for each yarn.
Yarn Tension Metal scale weight for each yarn bobbin.
Inverter (Speed Control) 3 in the machine
Speed Adjsutment Seperare for raising drum, feeding drum and traverses
Creel Opposite to the machine for each yarn bobbin.
Lenght 2020 mm
Height 1950 mm
Width 1070 mm